Chinese artist Yao Gen’s painting exhibition opens in SIP


The exhibition of over 200 paintings by Suzhou-native painter Yao Gen opened at Jinji Lake Art Museum, SIP on June 9, and will last till July 7.

Yao was born in Suzhou in 1958, and graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of Nanjing Normal University in 1982. He is a member of China Artists Association and the Oil Painting Committee of Jiangsu Artists Association, and an executive member of the council of Jiangsu Oil Painting Society.

Origin Station, by Yao Gen, exhibited at the 11th National Art Exhibition of China

The multi-award-winning artist is known for his realistic portrayal of people and stories around him and his unique ways of using strokes and light to render emotions.

Silver Mountain, by Yao Gen

Enjoy the Sunshine, by Yao Gen

The exhibition gathers sketches that Yao drew when he was only a beginner in painting, and also many of his award-winning works and those depicting his hometown. Together they showcase the artist’s consistent pursuit for higher-level painting skills and his exploration of life.

Warm Sunshine, a collection at National Art Museum of China