Exhibition of prints kicks off in SIP


The Print Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art Masters, themed “Accumulation”, opened at SIP’s Jinji Lake Art Museum on June 7, and will last till July 7.

On display are 50 prints created by 10 Chinese artists with moulds cut from wood or metal or using digital printing, photography and other skills. They therefore demonstrate correlations with a diversity of art forms, covering oil painting, sculpture, installation and image.

It is learnt that the artists are all participants of an original print creation project initiated by the artists Su Xinping and Chen Qi in 2019 with the purpose of inheriting traditional techniques of making prints and exploring new ones.

The exhibition, designed by Wu Hongliang, a famous Chinese exhibition planner, features a chip-like venue with exhibits on foldable screens winding like electric circuits to symbolize the combination of traditional and modern artistic techniques and concepts.