Bridges tell stories about Suzhou


The exhibition themed “Rainbow: From the World of Bridges” is one of the biggest highlights of the 6th Suzhou Jinji Lake Biennale that kicked off in SIP on Apr 15 and will last till June 25.

“The exhibition was inspired by the classical gardens of Suzhou. Bridge connects time and space, the opposite banks of a river or sea, sense and sensibility, and strength and beauty. We hope visitors can think about their connections with bridges, and thereby gain some kind of motivation for their future development,” said Wu Hongliang, dean of Beijing Fine Art Academy and designer of the exhibition.

The exhibition gathers more than 100 works by 39 Chinese artists and teams. With different textures and in different forms, the exhibits lead the viewers to seek a better understanding of the aesthetic and cultural connotations in Chinese bridges.

The venue design is amazing, too. The ingenious integration of the physical and virtual worlds adds a touch of romance and mystery to the exhibition.