JinjiLake Fitness Trail

JinjiLake Fitness Trail with a total length of 14 kilometers has been open to public since October 1, 2018. It is a result of reconstruction on the original facilities surrounding the lake. The reconstructions include paths, stops and supporting facilities which constitute the walkway system. The newly built constructions include such five bridges as Ling Long Wan (Feng Huang Jing Bridge), Jinshuiwan Trestle, Crowne Square Trestle, Arts Center Bridge and Zhongtanghe Bridge. Furthermore, the project has renovated several spots including Ling Long Wan, Wind Park and “Junior Jinji Lake” Wetland according to new design. The walkway after expansion and construction is 4-6 meters in width paved with granite and has signs, benches, pergola and rest-purposed shades as new additions to provide more convenience. 

Walkway guide

  • direct drinking water

  • parking lot

  • toilets

Each one more step makes a different view

  • Crowne Square Trestle

  • Linglong Bridge

  • Jinshuiwan Bridge

  • Arts Center Bridge

  • Zhongtanghe Bridge

  • Hubin Avenue

  • East Jinji Lake Bridge

  • Twin Bridges on Ligongdi Causeway




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