Impromptu Tour Itinerary

  • This design includes the age-old Ligongdi Causeway and Lakeshore Square on your itinerary by which you can get a panoramic view of and close touch with the lake. You start your day with the lakeshore shuttle train and then experience gouache DIY over afternoon tea. Finally, you come to your booked position to enjoy Music Fountain as well as the night scene of the lake. 

  • This planning features experience in SIP high-rises by which you mount the famous buildings of SIP and overlook the whole area to feel its beauty and vitality. You begin your tour at Suzhou Center, and then visit Gate of the Orient, Culture and Arts Center, Harmony City and finally walk to Modern Media Square. Every building along the way symbolizes a new landmark of Suzhou. You are like a spider-man, different heights for different views.

  • This route combines cultural spots with rare resources to serve you rich cultural “banquet”. You embark on a spiritual journey at Suzhou Symphony Orchestra rehearsal site to feast your ears on nice music and then go to Zhong Shuge and Eslite Bookstore to experience a journey on papers.

  • It aims to display all charm of Jinji Lake for you while you can relax yourself by a slow walk on JinjiLake Fitness Trail to benefit from a green and healthful lifestyle. You set out from Suzhou Center and then appreciate Music Fountain and Linglong Bridge along lake-encircling walkway until you reach Culture and Arts Center to check out jinji Lake Concert Hall via Moon Harbor on the way and finally, you arrive at north tourist centre of the scenic area where you can mail postcards.




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