Join me to check out the fairs and exhibitions at late-summer Jinji Lakeside



1.  “Ligongdi Trendy Items Fair” at Ligongdi Causeway

Date: from August 20 to December 25

Summer: from 18:00 p.m. to 21:30 p.m.

Autumn: from 16:00 p.m. to 21:30 p.m.

Venue: central plaza of Phase 4 Ligongdi project and Liangyisi roadside (note: to be cancelled in case of bad weather)

This year’s fair features over 30 trendy themes and it marks the revival of the fair economy after the lift of the recent lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic in Suzhou. In addition, the fair style of this edition has expanded to include more creative fashions such as the shops based on over 20 car trunks and some Internet celebrities’ shops. All manner of foods and goods are on display for sale; you name it and the fair has it. What a bustling place it will be !


2.  Skyscreen Fair: to Enjoy the Romantic Atmosphere during Summer Nighttime

Date: from August 19 to 21  16:30-21:30

Venue: Skyscreen Street including east and west streets, Harmony Times Square

Night breeze, neon lamps, foods and music make a romantic summer night. Walk under Skyscreen and watch the film shown on it. You can also stroll among various stalls in the fair as you feast your eyes on trendy items, your ears on soft music, and your mouth on delicacies at the same time. What a good destination to spend summer nights !

3.  Eslite Spectrum Suzhou Fair Featuring the Upcoming Mid-autumn Festival

Date: from August 12 to September 12

Venue: B1F central great hall, Eslite Spectrum Suzhou

Eslite Spectrum Suzhou will provide a fair entitled “admiring the mid-autumn moon” which houses multiple famous brands including Hongkong MX, Kee Wah mooncakes. Mooncakes or tea in gift box as well as a wide assortment of snacks are also recommendable.


4.  Shin Kong Place: “Camping” Style Fair

Date: from now until August 21

Venue: southwest doorway, ground floor of Shin Kong Place

Besides Summer Camping A+ Scheme, Fun Time Year Plan and handicrafts listed as intangible cultural heritage, there are also cultural and creative products, books of Chinese classics on the fair for your choice. Come and go with me to experience a real camping fair.  




1.   Hans Christian Andersen Award for Illustration of IBBY Exhibition

Date: from now until December 23

Venue: 3F, Eslite Spectrum Suzhou

Each fairy tale reflects a childhood dream of an adult writer. The world-famous fairy tale creator Andersen once said, “How I wish I myself was a part of my stories so that I could choose to live as I aspire.”  This 2022 edition of exhibition is intended to fulfill this dream and weave an imaginary world for the audience.


2.   Human and Nature: Exhibition of Wash Paintings by Yan Feng

Date: from now until August 21

Venue: No. 1 and 3 Exhibition Halls, Ming Gallery of Art

A total of more than 40 wash paintings by Yan Feng, a national-level first-class artist, are on display, which conveys his deep reverence for the nature and exploration of his inner world.


3. “Cooling Breeze in Summer”: Exhibition of Fan Paintings by Liu Chengzong

Date: from now until September 4

Venue: City’s Art Gallery, Harmony Times Square, Wangdun Road

The contents of paintings cover varied subjects such as landscapes, flowers, birds, and calligraphy. There are in total over 40 fan paintings showcased in the exhibition, all of which are elaborately created to provoke esthetical and philosophical feelings and thoughts in audiences.


4. “VISAGE”, A Solo Exhibition

Date: from now until September 19

Venue: QU ART MUSEUM (on the second floor of Xingyuehui, SIP)

Entitled VISAGE, the exhibition presents the selected artistic works of Louisa Burnett-Hall during different periods of her painting career from the works dating back to her college days to those of recent years. Strolling along the exhibition hall to appreciate these works, audiences would be touched by the vast distance between the times embodied by different works as well as the paintress’ love for lives and her praise of Mother Nature’s great reproductivity.