Main structure of Jinji Lake Tunnel opens to traffic


The main structure of the Jinji Lake Tunnel opened to traffic on Dec 31, 2022 after four years of construction. It will take only three minutes to drive between the east and west banks of Jinji Lake.

The whole tunnel is about 6.04 kilometers, and the main part is about 5.4 kilometers. The two-way six-lane tunnel extends from Xinghai Street at the lake’s west bank to Nanshi Street at the east bank. With a design speed of 50 km/h, and a total investment of about RMB 6.02 billion, it can help significantly decongest traffic on both sides.

A ramp at Xinggang Street on the west bank was put into service at the same time, and another two ramps on the east bank are expected to come into service later.

It is notable that the parts of the tunnel at the intersections with Xinghai Street and Nanshi Street are narrow due to the construction of the Rail Transit Line 6, and drivers should be careful or make a detour. Besides, the tunnel is closed from zero to six o’ clock every day for maintenance during the first year of trial operation.