Second Suzhou Jinji Lake China-France Culture and Art Week of 2023 opens


Sino-French Culture and Art Exchange in the Museum to Strengthen Humanistic Exchanges Between the Two Countries

On the evening of October 21, 2023, under the joint witness of distinguished guests from both China and France, the second Suzhou Jinji Lake China-France Culture and Art Week will kick off. Symphonic performances, video shows, literary readings, art exhibitions, and other rich and colorful cultural and artistic activities will be launched one after another.

Suzhou and Paris share a profound history, and both sides have achieved fruitful outcomes in the fields of economy and trade, science and technology, education, and culture, etc. By the end of 2021, the Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau of Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee and Paris je t’aime - Tourist office concluded a friendship and cooperation agreement, and the Ligongdi of Suzhou and the Montmartre of Paris also concluded a friendly block agreement. Based on the good cooperation between Suzhou and Paris and the international fashionable cultural characteristics of SIP, in October 2022, the two sides jointly carried out the First Suzhou Jinji Lake China-France Culture and Art Week, and achieved great success. The anticipated "Love Wall" from Paris has also settled on Li Gongdi, becoming an annual highlight in the area around Jinji Lake, making Jinji Lake more international and fashionable.

This year’s “Suzhou Jinji Lake China-France Culture and Art Week” will last till October 28th. During the period, a series of cultural and art exchange activities will be held in Suzhou, including the “L’incontournable des musées de Paris”, dialogues between Chinese and French museums, Suzhou Jinji Lake Sino-French Culture and Art Week Closing Ceremony Concert, the ballet “Gala the Rite of Spring”,"French Art and Image Thematic Unit" activity, “Encounters and Appreciations · Reading Week of French Literature”, “Followed by Love · Street Painting”, and “Gravity of Love · Sino-French Cultural Theme Market”, and so on. Among them, the " L’incontournable des musées de Paris " will continue until November 20th. Also, the China-France Food Week will be held, and the French food culture will bloom wonderfully in Ligongdi. People from Suzhou can experience the authentic French culture and living atmosphere. In the same period, France will also carry out a series of promotional activities in Paris.

It is worth mentioning that this event also invited art experts and artist friends from the Louvre Museum, Musée d'Orsay, Musée de l'Orangerie, Atelier des lumières, Musée Picasso and other museums located in Paris to visit Suzhou and engage in dialogue and exchange with museum leaders from the National Gallery Singapore, National Museum of China, Beijing Painting Academy,  Nanjing Museum, Shanghai Museum and other museums on collection, exhibition, public education, and other content. At the same time, they will hold roundtable discussions with Suzhou Museum, Suzhou Art Museum, Suzhou Contemporary Art Museum, Jinjihu Art Museum, and others on topics such as " How to enhance the attractiveness of museums and art museums to visitors " and "How museums and art museums promote and exchange internationally".

It is reported that the two sides will continue to carry out the Suzhou Jinji Lake China-France Culture and Art Week, and establish friendly cooperation in culture, tourism and art, so that the excellent genes in the cultures of China and France can be embodied in each other’s cultures across time and space, and transcend the boundaries of countries, and be developed.

Suzhou is a famous cultural city with 2500 years of history and profound and restrained culture, while Paris is an ancient city with 1400 years of history and is synonymous with fashion and romance. The encounter between Suzhou and Paris, as well as the co-brand of Montmartre Art Block and Ligongdi Cultural and Creative Block, is of great significance in establishing good international city images for both cities and promoting cultural exchanges between the East and the West. Suzhou, the most Jiangnan-style city, will showcase traditional classics and international trends through the China-France Culture and Art Week, allowing more people to fall in love with Suzhou and Suzhou Industrial Park.