Suzhou International Tourism Expo 2020 achieved success!




From the sixth day to eighth day of November, 2020, Suzhou International Expo Center was once again filled with hustling and bustling people. They came from around China and worldwide to attend Suzhou International Tourism Expo which is held annually since 2018. This year, it is the third time and the Expo 2020 had a thematic slogan “Good life depends on how high you can dream and how far you can travel.”that underlay throughout the course of the expo and reflected the hope of the organizer of this event and every participant alike. Because the expo was hosted in Suzhou, so introducing Suzhou travel agencies and industry to the outside and demonstrating Suzhou’s unique culture, arts, scenic spots and other must-see resources as well as combining other related industries such as catering, hospitality, transport, shopping and entertainment into tourism became a major purpose. The expo was also intended to facilitate the tourism development for the neighbouring cities in the Yangtze River Delta.



The Expo 2020 was divided into eight parts according to their own respective characteristics. Among them, the booth for Jinji Lake Scenic Area was located in B1 Pavilion housing Suzhou Industrial Park in a larger section named “Cultural Suzhou Tourism”. The musical instrument players from Suzhou Symphony Orchestra extended their welcome to visitors with melodious Chinese and other countries’ music.


As an area with developed finance, culture, tourism, expo, sports, and commerce, Jinji Lake scenic area strives to integrate these different yet relevant industries to create a so-called “Mega Tourism” and “All-round Economy”. As for  culture that is an integral part of tourism,Jinji Lake scenic area will develop itself into a confluence where varied even opposing elements as old and new, east and west, carrying-on and developing meet and co-exist here.