“Water of Jinji Lake” ranked among top ten !


Recently, names of the top ten projects within Suzhou city carried out for the public well-being were announced and the project of treatment&renovation on Jinji Lake and its nearby water resources was among them. This is a well-deserved reward for the great efforts made by SIP government.


The Jinji Lake scenic area covers a total area of 11.5 square kilometers, in which, water area is 7.4 square kilometers accounting for 64% of the whole scenic area. The related governmental department adopted comprehensive healing & improvement measures including such five aspects as “eliminating pollution source and cutting off pollutant discharge; dredging watercourses to keep water moving; transferring water to where it is more needed; restoring its original and healthy water ecological system; controlling the whole water network in a more scientific and smart way.” After a thorough “medical check and treatment”, Jinji Lake and its affiliated waterways surrounding it have improved their health and according to the data for the year 2020 published by environmental authority based on water monitoring, the water quality of Jinji Lake has met the target and the quality is still on the rise.




Water of Jinji Lake has attracted many locals to live by the lake as its neighbors.Their daily lives have close ties with the lake. The waterfront walkway stretching as long as 14 kilometers runs past a series of famous buildings such as Oriental Gate, Culture&Arts Center, Eslite Bookstore, Suzhou IFS, Ligongdi Causeway. These giant towers are arrayed along the lakeshore to become the most outstanding landmarks of the whole SIP.




Some annual sports events,for example, the dragon boat race during Dragon Boat Festival and the “Lake Cup” regatta, demonstrate heated scenes on the lake at show time. Besides, the lakeview sightseeing tour has created happy atmosphere for the lake. People cruise the lake on a barge, yacht or a sailboat.


From WeChat official account "Jinji Lake in Bloom"


Translated by Shao Yiqun