A review of our achievements in 2020


In 2020, we tried our best to contain COVID-19 pandemic to secure safety for locals and tourists. After the pandemic was put under control in China, Jinji Lake “Water Droplets” volunteer team began their work in full swing. Left bank tourist center of Jinji Lake scenic area was put into operation, which is the one closest to Jinji Lake among all five centers.



In 2020, we greatly developed the tourism characterized by the integration of tourism and culture as well as a slogan encountering Young Suzhou and exploring Jinji Lake scenic area. To this end, we carried out a number of cultural activities, and the most well-known ones were encountering Young Suzhou quick arts show and moonlight city large-scale festive gala.





In 2020, Jinji Lake scenic area was admitted to lots of top lists, to name just a few, “Medal tally for influential tourism brands of China in 2019”, “Night tourism&consumption promotion organizations of Jiangsu Province”, “The most beautiful scenic area in Suzhou open at night”, “Top ten night landmarks during ‘Suzhou half past eight o’clock’ activity to boost night economy” , “Excellent tourism consultation&service agency of Suzhou”, “Top ten volunteer services providers in culture&tourism industry, Suzhou”. Not resting on our laurels, we will forge ahead to achieve bigger success in this new year. Your support will be highly appreciated as ever before!




From WeChat official account "Jinji Lake in Bloom"


Translated by Shao Yiqun