Stay with Jinji Lake for a Suzhou-styled Spring Festival


The Chinese new year is around the corner and people everywhere in China are busy preparing for its coming with various celebrating events. Come and see what Jinji Lake area can offer for the people who are going to spend the Spring Festival here.

New year fairs

Suzhou Center “Fair of Ox”


The “Fair of Ox” in Suzhou Center opens in the year of the Ox. Many games here will make you think of your childhood when these games were perhaps your favorite at that time. Take a handful of loops and throw them one by one each time at some targets representing different items as rewards; go to practise archery which was very popular in ancient China. More games like pitch-pot (Chinese: Touhu, requiring players to throw sticks from a set distance into a large, sometimes ornate, canister. "Pitch-pot" is a literal translation of the two Chinese characters in the name (as in "pitch it into the pot")) and “tie coins into a ball” bring you to the scenes of ancient Chinese spring festival. 


Other entertainments like traditional Suzhou cuisine tasting, dough figurine making performances as an intangible cultural heritage, spring festival couplets (written on paper scrolls it to wish good luck) writing on spot by calligraphers extend special auspicious meanings to participates and audiences.


Show time: from today until February 26, 2021  

location: first floor, southern part of Suzhou Center

Eslite Spectrum food fair 2021


This is the first time for Eslite group to hold a fair during Spring Festival. The group has introduced more than 600 kinds of desserts and refreshments under over 90 brands from Europe, America and Asia. Cakes of Chinese flavor and foreign flavors, drinks and snacks are featured foods provided by the group during the festival to appeal to your palate. The group will excite your different senses with their assorted products.


Show time: from today until February 17, 2021   

location: third floor, Eslite Spectrum building

New year performances

Jiuguang Department Store will present the performance of lion dancing, in token of a happy Spring Festival.


Show time: 11: 08, February 12, 2021    

location: first floor, Jiuguang Department Store

Shin Kong Place will provide free Chinese stationery including brush pen, ink, red paper, model of calligraphy for practice. You can copy and write the Chinese character “福”(good luck) after the model.


Time:  14:00-16:00 o’clock, February 12 to 13 of 2021  

location: first floor of Shin Kong Place

In view of the pandemic of Covid-19, when we are celebrating to greet the Spring Festival of the Ox year, we should follow the orders of government and take proper measures to protect ourselves and other people. Jinji Lake Administration wish you a happy and safe Chinese new year! 

Translated by 邵轶群(Shao Yiqun