Cultivation of “Red-Cross Primary-level Rescuers” carried out by the Administration


On April 7th, 2021, training activities intended for medical rescue were organized at the site of “Left Lake-bank Tourist Center” by Jinji Lake Scenic Area Administration. Professionals from Suzhou Red Cross Society came to the site at the invitation for teaching. 48 rank-and-file members from different organizations in the scenic area attended the training as trainees and were awarded the certificate for “Red-Cross primary-level rescuers” after they passed the on-site examination.


Through the training combining theory and practice, these Jinji Lake-based personnel have acquired the basic knowledge, skills and understood the operation procedures for medical rescue. They have got themselves better prepared by the training for emergencies where they must rescue others or themselves.

Jinji Lake Scenic Area Administration set up “Red Cross Rescue Station” at the West Jinji Lake Tourist Center in 2019. By now, it has organized three times of training accumulatively and has qualified totally 190 people in the scenic area as primary-level rescuers. The expanded rescue team has made it likely to afford more force for on-site emergency rescue if such emergencies happen around Jinji Lake scenic area. In the future, the Administration will carry out more training courses in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and first aid at regular time to guarantee health and safety of tourists in traveling around the scenic area.


Source: Jinji Lake in Bloom

Translated by: 邵轶群(Shao Yiqun)