Join me in roaming along west bank of Jinji Lake, each step forward promising different views


If you walk along the Lakefront Avenue which is about two kilometers long, you will find it a feast for your eyes. The wooden deck on water for closer lake view and granite flag stones represents a style combining antiquity and modernity popular in Jinji Lake scenic area. 


Strolling down the avenue, you see the path under your feet stretching itself in an arc far ahead of you along the lake. The path is lined with lamp posts at regular distance between them to give you a sense of rhythm.


1. Sculptures, featured attractions along the Lakefront Avenue


Harmony Sculpture”

There are quite a number of sculptures in various shapes around Jinji Lake scenic area. Built at different times, they each have their own unique cultural connotations, as if telling the stories about the history, the present or the future of Jinji Lake. Erected to the west of Jinji Lake, the “Harmony Sculpture” is  not only an iconic sculpture of Jinji Lake scenic area but also symbolizes the cooperation between Chinese and Singaporean governments. The sculpture is designed into a thought-provoking shape of two circles bonded together with a square hole in the middle.  The sculpture connotes inclusiveness and harmony culturally, to be specific, it indicates the coexistence and integration of tradition and modernity, science and culture, China and the rest of the world.  


 “Moonlight Sonata”

Composed of the images of a silvery crescent moon and red performing musicians, the sculpture “Moonlight Sonata” reminiscent of Beethoven, the great German musician. The nickname Moonlight Sonata traces to the 1830s, when German Romantic poet Ludwig Rellstab published a review in which he likened the first movement of the piece to a boat floating in the moonlight on Switzerland’s Lake Lucerne.


 “Romantic Melody”

The sculpture “Romantic Melody” consists of the images of a harp and six kids playing nearby. If you view the sculpture from different angles, you will understand more about the ingenious sculptor.

2. Nice view of hydrangeas in bloom by the lake  


With the caress of gentle summer breeze, hydrangeas buds burst into full blossoms. After a long year, the flower welcomes in its season.


Summer indulges all her passion to turn this lot into a kingdom of hydrangeas. Ball-like flowers vary in color from purple to red to dazzle you with their beauty. 



3. European roses, a year-round enjoyment for those who love them


Come to European roses garden to enjoy a splash of color in summer depicted by these flowers!



4. Cruise, a “cool” experience in hot summer 

At the southern tip of Lakefront Avenue, several boats are waiting at the lake-viewing wharf. You can immediately explore and embrace Jinji Lake by boarding the boats “Marvelous SIP” or “Suzhou”. When you are cruising on the lake, you will be overwhelmed by the ancient charm of watertown and present grace of high-rise buildings.




5. Left Bank Tourist Center of Jinji Lake Scenic Area, China-Italy Cultural Exchange Center

The wooden corridor of Left Bank Tourist Center is decorated with beautiful flowers. As the one closest to Jinji Lake among all five centers, its premises was previously known as an Italian restaurant with a history of ten years of successful operation. Recently, the China-Italy Cultural Exchange Center was established here. In a sense, the center is intended to continue the history of the Italian restaurant.



As a result of renovation project on the Italian restaurant, Left Bank Tourist Center has retained part of the theme of the restaurant such as the red oven, the restaurant logo made of lamps. These cultural elements, in addition to the cultural gifts given by the Italian representative to Jinji Lake Scenic Area Administration at the ceremony, will function as facilitator in Sino-Italian cultural exchanges.