“5G+8K” concert makes its first appearance in Suzhou


Created by Suzhou Symphony Orchestra, multimedia concert Sha Jia Bang & The Century  had its premiere in Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre yesterday, and was transmitted live with 5G technology and 8K resolution. The Centre also witnessed the inauguration of the world’s first ultra high-definition 8K theater.


Multimedia chorus Sha Jia Bang was performed in the first half. It was arranged by famous composer Chen Qiangbin and starred performers from Shanghai Jingju Theatre with documentary director Zhou Hongbo responsible for the stage design.


The second half presented The Century, a multimedia symphonic chorus co-created by Chen Qiangbin, Wang Xiaolong and Chen Long. It blended various artistic forms, including symphony, chorus, pingtan, recitation, etc., and built an immersive artistic world through multimedia methods to show the development of Suzhou in the past century.


The concert also marked the first appearance of the 8K UHD livestreaming truck equipped with 22.2 immersive sound system in Suzhou. Thanks to the key technologies of 5G and 8K, the concert could be transmitted live with ultra high-definition resolution.


Meanwhile, multiple 8K screens were set in such Suzhou landmarks as Suzhou Olympic Sports Center, Suzhou Modern Media Plaza, Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre, Suzhou Golden Eagle Plaza, Zhangjiagang Wanda Plaza, etc. to realize cross-regional live stream.

Through the 8K screen, the audience can expect to watch a concert in an immersive and detailed way, and feel the charm of art from a diversified perspective.


Source: Kan Suzhou

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