TeamLab Future Park’s stay in Suzhou unveils immersive experience


On July 14, the globally branded teamLab Future Park came to Suzhou and took up residence in Suzhou Center. The exhibition will last more than four months from July 15 to November 21, intended to immerse the audiences on the spot in magic and spectacular visual effect with six kaleidoscopic scenes. 


From Miraikan to Science Centre Singapore and from Pace Gallery in California of the US to Oasis Centre of Dubai, teamLab has moved around the world and successively resided in a great number of museums, science and technology museums, arts centers of the metropolises like Milan, London, Paris, Sydney as its temporary venues. The exhibition features science and technology, trying to create scenes of future life where the participants can have interactive experience. The exhibition has attracted large audiences worldwide and will make a smash hit wherever the exhibition arrives. According to statistics, until the end of 2019, more than ten million people had visited the exhibition.  


TeamLab is an international team gathering the experts from various fields. Now, it boasts over six hundred staffers including programmers, artists, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians and architects. Their exhibition was once acclaimed as a “wonderland” by the New York Times. Besides, Designboom, a company specializing in artistic design, listed teamLab’s exhibition among the top ten must-see exhibitions worldwide for two consecutive years.