Attention! Updates on performance and cruise services in Jinji Lake Scenic Area


To intensify the COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control and ensure safety for Suzhou locals and visitors in Jinji Lake scenic area, some related organizations based in Jinji Lake area have modified their recent schedule for the performances and the other related services in this area. 

Recent performances/cruise services


Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre will cancel or postpone part of its recent performances or related activities in light of the latest requirements made by Suzhou Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters Office.


The other shows will be staged as originally scheduled, and only 50% maximum capacity (attendance)is permitted inside the Center on the spot. If you want to go to the Center for the show, please take proper measures to protect yourself and others. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.  

Guidelines on epidemic prevention when you are going to public locations.
1.At the gateway of Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre, please cooperatively present your “health code” and “travel history” and have your body temperature checked by doormen. You will not be allowed in unless all procedures are proved safe.
2.Please wear face mask correctly and keep proper social distancing throughout the duration when you are inside the venue.
3.Because you have left your real name when you are getting a ticket. You can check the spectator seats against your ticket and find your own seat. Seats exchange is not permitted.
4.The occupancy rate is restricted to 50% and below in the theatres and cinemas of Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre.
5.It may take some time to check the health condition of audience before the show, therefore, people lining-up at the gateway may take place. Please calculate time and arrive in advance to avoid belated entry for the show.
6.Should any unexpected condition occur to your health when you are inside the venue, please tell the venue’s staff working on site immediately. If you are coughing or running a fever, the venue will keep you isolated from others and send you to hospital in accordance with the government’s regulations on epidemic prevention.  
7.After the show/film is over, please leave the venue quickly in an orderly way while keeping proper social distancing and not staying for long inside the venue, so that the venue’s staff can disinfect the whole space of the theatre/cinema.


Cruise services

●From now on, all tourists must show their health code and travel history before they can get a ticket for cruise.

●Scan the QR code of the WeChat official account to get a ticket based on your real name. Put on face mask and have your body temperature checked before boarding.

● Please queue up for passing the ticket-check entrance before boarding while keeping safe distancing of more than one meter from other people.


If you are a local/tourist going to public locations, be sure to take proper self-protection measures. Jinji Lake Scenic Area Administration will strengthen their efforts in COVID-19 pandemic daily prevention and control for the activities carried out around Jinji Lake area. They will take the work as a top priority in their routine weekly quality check so as to curb the spread of pandemic and guarantee safety for the locals and tourists.  

                    Source: iSuzhou, Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre