Jinji Lake in bloom in summe



Summer breeze caresses the lake,

Leaving wrinkles on its face.

 Morning runners are always the first to greet a new day

As if they are performing a ceremony in this way.




“How many kilometers are you going to achieve today?”

This question begins a small talk among runners when they meet.

With encouragement from their company,

They become more confident in running.




Lakeshore avenue is bathed in golden dawn glow,

More people are rising up with the rising sun.



Hoopoe, a bird with fan-shaped crest and neat feathers

Several hoopoes strut the lawn with no fright for people around them.

The birds chirp in answer to each other and shortly

A bird concert is staged on the grass.



A bird perching on the twigs hold several leaves in its mouth

And pass the leaves to its young in the nest.


Occasionally, over the lake fly the birds with narrow and pointed beak.




Yoga practicers roll out their yoga mat,

And then indulge themselves in practice.

  A quiet place in the open air is much better than a yoga room.



 With trees sheltering from the scorching sun,

 Yoga practicers can lie on the mat for a rest when they feel tired.

Lying on the ground and looking up into the clear sky,

You will feel yourself completely relaxed.

What an enjoyment of summer !


Pic @ Haowan Suzhou, by Liu Zhen