Suzhou Symphony Orchestra launched RPO training program


On August 17, the online training program entitled “Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & Suzhou Symphony Orchestra 2021” was officially launched. In the six days that followed, the artistic trainer team of RPO provided a series of training courses for Suzhou Symphony Orchestra including concert curation, players creativity improvement, toddlers musical enlightenment, and elderly audiences targeted music.     


Founded in 1946, RPO has been enjoying a world-wide reputation in orchestra management, education popularization and public benefit activities. In March 2019, Suzhou Symphony Orchestra tried for the first time to introduce the mature experience of RPO into its own system by inviting seven members of RPO including administrative experts and musicians to Suzhou Symphony Orchestra to conduct all-round training sessions. The training lasted for five days, with both the executive and players of Suzhou Symphony Orchestra as trainees. 


Chen Guangxian, head of Suzhou Symphony Orchestra, commented that Suzhou Symphony Orchestra would draw on the rich experience of RPO in art popularization and management through cooperation between the two sides. He expected more audiences would be attracted by classical music so that this art form would be further popularized.