Ligongdi “Clean﹠Diligent Administration” Cultural Hall opened to public


On the morning of August 30, Ligongdi “Clean﹠Diligent Administration” Cultural Hall started its first business day after its construction was completed. It is reported that the Hall is the first education base in SIP for striving to build incorruptible and assiduous Party organizations and government departments. Wu Qingwen (member of standing committee of Suzhou Municipal Party Committee; secretary of SIP Party Working Committee) and Liu Leming (member of standing committee of Suzhou Municipal Party Committee; secretary of Suzhou Municipal Party Commission for Discipline Inspection; director of Suzhou Municipal Supervisory Commission) jointly kicked off the ceremony for opening of Ligongdi “Clean﹠Diligent Administration” Cultural Hall ﹠ unveiling of logo of “Incorrupt SIP”.


Centering around the theme of “serving the public diligently while keeping clean-handed”, Ligongdi “Clean﹠Diligent Administration” Cultural Hall demonstrates the historical origin, regional characteristics of SIP’s incorruptibility-themed culture and reflects its updated interpretation in current age. As a new venue to establish and promote incorruptibility-themed culture in SIP, the cultural hall is also a new achievement made during the course of developing SIP into an example of clean administration and in the process of intensifying the popularization and education of fine Party conduct and culture.


As a symbol of the efforts to form a clean and honest working style in SIP, “Incorrupt SIP” was initiated by SIP Party Commission for Discipline Inspection and SIP Supervisory Commission. Under the leadership of the above two organizations, the Party branches and governmental departments at all levels in SIP shall actively participate and make contributions to the creation of good politics and society characterized by clean and honest conduct.