Jinji Lake illuminated by boat race at night!


On the afternoon of October 24, the 12th Jinji Lake Cup Regatta 2021 came to an end after four days’ race.


Night race, brilliant show

Night race, which made its debut in last year’s regatta, was kept in the event’s 2021 edition. The shining lamps on the sailing boats were like the twinkling stars in the night sky. The boats sailing with the wind are similar to meteor shower, parading forward and leaving splendid tracks behind them.


Among the participants of this year’s night race are some “mysterious guests,” who are outstanding musicians or artistic performers. They presented live show at Jinji Lake with melodious music and songs.


Looking back on those several nights, Jinji Lake was animated by the night race of Jinji Lake Cup Regatta. The sailing boats with dazzling lamps have not only thriven the “night economy” of Suzhou, but also become a special cultural program of SIP attracting many expatriates to participate.


The night race is unique to Jinji Lake. With the reflections of modern high buildings, numerous lights and the starry sky in the Lake, in addition to the intoxicating songs and music, Jinji Lake has brought to the public an overwhelming enjoyment during the regatta! 




Yachtsmen bend to the oars

The organizing committee arranged two performances entitled “sails parade” on 23rd and 24th of October respectively. More than 70 sailboats in various sizes started off on Jinji Lake at the same time, with tourists and locals watching them by cruise or standing on the bank. They were all overwhelmed by such spectacular view!


As one of the series of races of this event, “weekly competition” will be formalized and implemented at regular intervals to spread sailboat culture.


Tourists and locals have multiple ways to watch the event

During the event, viewers had witnessed numerous thrilling moments. Based upon teamwork, rich experience and sober mind, the competing teams attracted large audiences watching the game on the bank.


The committee also set aside some seats on the boat for tourists to experience the night race. The orange lights on the boat were just like the palette in Photoshop. Everything around them was bathed in this warm color, and the whole scene feel like a painting or a dream. The effect was amplified by the reflections in the water. What a breath-taking and incredible night view!


The regatta of this year was also available to online viewers. According to the statistics issued by the organizing committee, accumulatively five million people watched the game through live streaming during the event.


With the successes in running of the 12th Jinji Lake Cup Regatta 2021 as well as all previous 11 editions of the event, Jinji Lake Cup Regatta has become an influential brand in sports circle of China. It is grounded to say that the event of next year will surely be able to offer more for us.