Stan Lai’s exhibition kicks off in SIP


Stan Lai, or Lai Shengchuan, an award-winning US-born Taiwan-based playwright and theater director, opened the exhibition themed “My Life” at Suzhou Eslite Bookstore, SIP on Dec 18. The exhibition, scheduled to last till March 27, 2022, is Lai’s first solo exhibition in Chinese mainland. The director showed up on the afternoon of the opening day to share his stories.

The exhibition showcases the production processes of “The Village”, “Millennium Teahouse” and “Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land” which are Lai’s representative works.

Scenes in the plays have been reproduced in the exhibition halls, making the visitors feel like they were in the stories, and the manuscripts and videos allow them to know details about the creation of the works.

Moreover, every visitor can take home a steamed stuffed bun like that featured in “The Village”.