Enjoy a happy Spring Festival holiday in the Year of Tiger at Jinji Lakeside


During the past week, when 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games was in full swing, the area around Jinji Lake in Suzhou Industrial Park has seen a strong fervor demonstrated by people in celebrating the arrival of the lunar new year of Tiger. Jinji Lakeside as CBD of SIP was newly decorated with a myriad of Chinese traditional cultural elements, among which the red lanterns hung up high and cute tiger images as auspicious symbols were the most widely-seen. Various activities carried out to mark the advent of the Spring Festival motivated a great many residents and tourists to go shopping and traveling. According to statistics, Jinji Lake scenic area received a total of 589,600visitors during this Spring Festival holiday.  


The festivities deployed beside the Jinji Lake started from the first day of the Year of Tiger and ran through the whole Spring Festival vacation. The heated scene of lion-dancing and dragon-dancing at the lakeside expressed people’s joy and their good wishes for the new year.

Other noteworthy activities included ancient style garments of Han ethnic group show held at Jiuguang department store, Folk Custom Art Festival presented in Shin Kong Place, “Dancing lions bring in wealth and treasure” program performed on Ligongdi Causeway on the fifth day of the year of Tiger and “God of Fortune bestow blessing” activity organized by Eslite Bookstore. These activities took place one after another, attracting influx of people to participate. The LED sky screen spanning across the Harmony Times Square boasts autostereoscopy technology after it underwent a major overhaul and upgrade. In the past Spring Festival vacation, new films were shown on the screen. Through its special visual-audio effects, the tiger images were so lifelike that they seemed to be Jumping out from behind the screen.

Fairs and markets remain go-to places for locals and tourists. “Market of the year of Tiger” in Suzhou Center, Eslite Spectrum snacks fair 2022, and “Market of Tiger year selling China’s own brands” hosted by Jiuguang department store opened successively. In recent years, Chinese traditional objects incorporating modern design and technology have regained popularity. Locals and tourists can know more about traditions when they are strolling around these markets and savoring the retro atmosphere brought by the traditional Spring Festival. 


Apart from markets and fairs, exhibitions became another important option on tourists’ itinerary. Several cultural venues located by the lake prepared their respective featured programs for the public. “Career of A Playwright: Exhibition of Stan Lai’s Works” hosted by Eslite Spectrum Suzhou branch and “The Truman Show: Pseudo Environment” –An Exhibition of Contemporary Fashion Art organized by Iris Art Realm on Ligongdi Causeway attracted some visitors who preferred to find a quiet place and indulge themselves in artistic beauty.  

Driverless sightseeing vehicles, self-service vending vehicles and unmanned motor sweepers debuted at lakeside in SIP on the first day of this lunar new year. They were under trial operation with free services available for the past holiday within a distance from City Square to “Harmony” sculpture. Self-service vending vehicles will stop automatically by your side upon being hailed through APP. They are intended to provide convenience for people touring the Jinji Lake scenic area. With sleek appearance and new high technology, driverless sightseeing vehicles act as a guide to take tourists around the lakeside.

During this past Spring Festival holiday, many locals and tourists queued up for a test ride. Overwhelmed by the technology and culture contained in its design, passengers were full of praise for both the vehicles and the city development after they experienced the ride.