Cruise on Jinji Lake at sunset to meet an orange world


Lake breeze of early summer caress you, warm wet but refreshing. The boats staying inside Moon Harbor are about to set sail with you to explore the evening lake.

You can book a tour in advance, besides, we lend you special costumes for free such as ancient Chinese garments, sailor suit, pirate clothing, uniforms for group tourists.

Come to Jinji Lake to record the wonderful moment with your camera when the glowing sun descend onto the lake surface.  

After night falls, the bustling lakeshore is ablaze with lights. On the boat, you can enjoy the nice view of the lake dotted with reflections of the moon, stars and lights and forget about the passage of time. A Jinji Lake in summer is a must-see destination for locals and tourists. Join us to watch the orange setting sun and experience a boat tour on Jinji Lake!

Tips for tourists

To book in advance, you must search for APP“八旗帆船俱乐部”(“Baqi” yacht club)

Boarding place: Moon Harbor