2022 AI Expo to open in SIP next week


The three-day 2022 Global AI Product & Application Expo (AI Expo) will open at Suzhou International Expo Centre, SIP on Sept 15, according to the news briefing on Sept 8.

Like the previous sessions of the annual expo program in SIP, the 2022 version will comprise exhibitions, forums, awarding and other activities designed to promote development and application of AI technologies.

There will be an exhibition of industrial visual solutions, a new addition to the program, and exhibitions of many cutting-edge products and technologies from leading tech companies and upstream and downstream businesses. A number of new products will be launched during the expo, and visitors will have chances to experience a variety of technologies.

The main forum will gather a host of renowned researchers, scholars and entrepreneurs who will share their expertise with the participants. Three sub-forums respectively on industrial visual technology, hard technology and metaverse will be held.

In addition, the “Annual Report on Development of New-generation AI Technology (2021-2022)” and the “AI Development Index of Chinese Cities (2021-2022)” will be released, and the winners of the 2022 AI Expo awards will be unveiled.