Jinji Lake Scenic Area named a “Popular Destination for Cultural and Tourism Consumption”


Recently, the “2021-2022 Cultural and Tourism Consumption List of Jiangsu Province” was unveiled at the 4th Grand Canal City Cultural and Tourism Forum held in Suzhou.The Jinji Lake Scenic Area made the list as one of the “Popular Destinations for Cultural and Tourism Consumption”.

As a 5A-level national scenic spot, the Jinji Lake Scenic Area is home to 26 commercial facilities with more than 1,700 businesses providing tourist products and services.

The banks of Jinji Lake feature the Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre; the Suzhou Jinji Lake International Convention Centre; the Suzhou International Expo Centre; the Ligongdi Cultural and Creative Block; the Suzhou Eslite Bookstore and a number of shopping spots and hotels. For example, there is the Suzhou Center Mall; the Jiuguang Department Store; Shin Kong Place; W Hotel Suzhou and Shangri-La Hotel. They jointly make the area Suzhou’s most internationalized and fashionable modern destination for cultural tourism.The 14-kilometer Jinji Lakeshore Footpath, which is close to the water, is a good option for a low-carbon tour.

Diverse festival events also contribute a lot to the popularity of the scenic area, making it a place where you can “encounter YOUNG Suzhou and be overwhelmed by the Jinji Lake charm”.

Among the events, which both locals and tourists enjoy, is the First Sino-Italian Cultural Exchange Festival - Festa dell’amicizia. It was held in August to establish a bridge between Chinese and Italian cultures.

Besides, there are the “Encounter YOUNG Suzhou” flash mob shows; the Jinji Lake Peach Flower Festival; the Lake Cup Regatta; the Jinji Lake Dragon Boat Race and the Jinji Lake Art Festival.

The Jinji Lake Scenic Area is an ideal tourist destination in all seasons. It is a wonderful experience to ride a bike through the sea of flowers; watch the sun set over water; enjoy the delicate local food; tour the lake at night in a boat, or view a performance of traditional opera.

There are also diverse interactive activities to savor the charm of local culture in an immersive way.

Additionally, the bazaars on the banks of the lake are growing popular. And they have become a new driver for tourism spending and a showcase for folk culture and vitality of the Jinji Lake Scenic Area.