Temporary traffic arrangements adopted near Harmony Times Square


A series of temporary traffic arrangements have been adopted near the Harmony Times Square due to the construction of a station of Suzhou Rail Transit Line 8, a 35.5-kilometer subway line expected to come to service in September 2024.

Here are the arrangements:

①   Please take Si’an Street instead of turning left at Suzhou Avenue East;

②   Instead of turning left at Huachi Street South, please turn left at Si’an Street, or take Wangdun Road and turn left at You’an Street to Suzhou Avenue East;

③   Instead of turning right at Suzhou Avenue to You’an Street, please turn right at the intersection of Huachi Street and take Wangdun Road to You’an Street.

Please follow the road signs and traffic rules when driving through the area in order to ensure safety.

The Harmony Times Square Station is one of the Line 8’s 28 stations in Suzhou, and one of three in the Jinji Lake Scenic Area (JLSA), the other two being the You’an Street Station and Zhongtang Park Station. It will allow transfer to Suzhou Rail Transit Line 1, and thus will make travel to the JLSA much easier.

There are a several destinations recommended for a tour around Jinji Lake by rail transit.The Sky Screen with naked-eye 3D LED display at Harmony Times Square gives an immersive visual experience. Also, the Suzhou Eslite Bookstore, the first Chinese mainland flagship store of Taiwan-based retail bookstore chain Eslite, offers not only books, but also diverse art exhibitions.

The Line 8 will take passengers directly to the hotels like Hyatt Regency, Shangri-La and Park Hyatt Suzhou, which offers views of the Jinji Lake.

In the future, there will be five rail transit lines running through the JLSA. In addition to the Lines 1, 3 and 5 which are already in operation, and the Line 8 mentioned above, the Line 6 is under construction. They will link all the commercial complexes, hotels, cultural venues and other attractions around the Jinji Lake.