Jinji Lake Scenic Area declared one of “Jiangsu’s Smart Tourism Destinations”


The Jinji Lake Scenic Area was recently declared one of 10 “Jiangsu’s Smart Tourism Destinations” by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism after its 2022 evaluation.The national 5A scenic spot now employs smart technology to improve the visitor experience.

The “Jinji Lake Scenic Area Smart Travel Statistics System Based on Operators’ Data” was designated one of the “Smart Tourism Demonstration Projects of Jiangsu Province in 2017”. The system supports real-time monitoring of the scenic area, and issues an alarm if there is an overflow of tourists. It also looks at where the tourists come from.


The “Jinji Lake Scenic Area Smart Patrol and Management System” won the first prize in Suzhou’s 2021 selection of “Good Practices of Smart Tourism Destinations”.

Apart from that, the “Application of Unmanned Sightseeing, Retail and Cleaning Vehicles in Jinji Lake Scenic Area” was selected as one of 10 “Representative ‘AI+ Cultural Tourism’ Application Scenarios of Suzhou in 2022”.


The application of smart technology has allowed the scenic area to give its visitors a futuristic travel experience.