SIP recommends travel routes and destinations to tourists


Jointly sponsored by SIP Culture, Sports and Tourism Office and SIP Press Center, the 4th Extraordinary SIP Culture and Art Travel Festival kicked off at SIP’s Moon Harbor on Nov 8. At the opening ceremony, SIP recommended four travel routes and ten destinations to tourists.

One of the travel routes is designed for a tour to culture and art. It links a number of cultural and art attractions including the Archaeological Site Park of Caoxieshan, an archaeological site featuring 6,000-year-old ancient civilization, and Ui ART Center, where a Paul Cezanne art exhibition is underway.

The other three routes, the Jinji Lake route, Jinji Lake-Dushu Lake route and Jinji Lake-Xietang River route, allow tourists to enjoy wonderful natural scenery and have a glimpse of attractions on the banks.

In addition to these travel routes, SIP announced ten tourist destinations which are selected through an earlier evaluation consisting of online recommendation and voting and expert appraisal. Among them are Oriental Arc, Sky Screen at Harmony Times Square, Suzhou Eslite Bookstore, Archaeological Site Park of Caoxieshan, Suzhou Culture and Art Centre, Ligongdi Causeway and Suzhou Village.

On the opening day, a team of citizens and media workers traveled along the routes following the tour guide.