100 medics enjoy free cruise tour on Jinji Lake


On Jan 22, the first day of the first month on the Chinese lunar calendar, 100 medics from hospitals in Suzhou enjoyed a free cruise tour on Jinji Lake together with their families, celebrating the Chinese New Year in a special way.

New Era Group, an SIP-based cultural, sports and exhibition business operator, organized the tour to express thanks to medical workers who worked on the front lines of COVID-19 prevention and control over the past three years.

The cruise ship departed from Moon Harbor and passed by a number of landmark projects in SIP, such as the Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre and the Oriental Arc (also known as Gate of the Orient) and Suzhou IFS buildings. The passengers were excited, and they recorded the tour through their lenses.

The company offered another free cruise tour the next day to a number of non-local workers who were spending their holiday in Suzhou.