JLSA honored for digital applications


SIP’s Jinji Lake Scenic Area (JLSA) was recently designated one of 10 “Scenic Spots in Digitalization” by Suzhou Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau. It is the only recipient of the honor in SIP.


As a 5A-class national scenic spot, the JLSA has been trying to improve visitor experience relying on advanced technology. It has developed a smart tourist data system which supports real-time monitoring for management of visitor flow.

The JLSA uses an e-ticket booking and selling system for people planning a tour on Jinji Lake in boat. It also has employed a smart patrol and management system to collaborate with authorities to improve its services and environment for tourists, and unmanned sightseeing, retail and cleaning vehicles to give visitors better experiences.

From the Sky Screen at Harmony Times Square to the drone performances and VR concerts, digital and smart technologies are applied across the scenic area.